About Us

As a company working in the mobile application development space for a long time we have seen problems being solved by the developing mobile ecosystem and also space being created for solving more problems.

One such problem had been, creating location aware systems where you can track the exact locations of your on field employees and creating an ecosystem to make the delivery and sales and service industry smarter and more credible.

We as a group of developers identified the problem in realtime location tracking of people and things from our own experiences. We developed Tracko as an end user application enabling people of tracking other people for a limited amount of time or sharing locations to each other for effective social interactions.

When we started getting responses from businesses about them also needing the same thing in a more organised manner that we realised that Tracko if developed for businesses can act as a catalytic agent in streamlining and increasing the efficiency of mobile work force.

After doing case studies with different businesses and understanding their requirements we went ahead and created tracko for businesses in a hope that this will contribute in empowering the mobile work force as well as the companies in a positive manner.

The Tracko team that have contributed in developing this idea is a small but dedicated team that have always strived on solving problems more than making short lived and eye ball grabbing products. All kind of hardships from lack of money or resources cannot move them from their goal. Yes we love money but what we love more is to have the ability to solve real life problems and make products that can bring a positive change in the we have been doing things.

We would all like to hear from you. Just give us a shout at support@tracko.link and let us know how do you like our work.