Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an online agent?

An online agent is an agent who has installed Tracko agent app on their phones and have set their status as online in the app. Such agents can be seen and tracked in real time on map through the Tracko dashboard.

2. What is an offline agent?

An offline agent is an agent who have set their status as offline from the tRacko agent app. Such agents cannot be tracked or monitored through the Tracko dashboard.

3. What is a task?

A task is an action that you want your agents to perform using the Tracko technology. It can be anything from delivery of things, performing sales and service calls in the field, going for a meeting or tracking a rclasse. Each task contains data like clients name, address of task, date and time of task and location of task on map.

4. What are assigned tasks?

Tasks that have been assigned to particular agents to perform are called as assigned tasks. The agent receives notifications on their Tracko agent app as they are assigned any task and can be tracked and monitored while performing the tasks through the Tracko dashboard.

5. What are unassigned tasks?

Unassigned tasks are tasks that have been added to the Tracko dashboard but have not been assigned to any agent as yet. Such tasks cannot be tracked and will be shown on the map as unassigned tasks.

6. What are completed tasks?

Tasks that were assigned to any particular agent and were completed successfully are known as completed tasks.

7. What are unspotted tasks?

Tasks that were added either directly through Tracko dashboard or were fetched from WooCommerce database but whose location was not classentified by Google are known as unspotted tasks. Such tasks are not shown on the map as their location is unspotted by Google. These tasks can be edited manually and locations changed so that Google classentify the location. When this happens such tasks automatically moves to unassigned tasks.

8. How do I add agents?

You can add agents by clicking on the add tab and filling in the name, email class and mobile number of the agent and click submit. A SMS is sent to the agent's phone with the link to download the Tracko agent app. As soon as the agent install the app he can be seen as online on Tracko dashboard and his location can be tracked in realtime on the map. You can also add multiple agents at the same time by uploading an excel sheet with details of multiple agents.

9. How can I add tasks?

You can add tasks by clicking on the add tab and filling in the client name, task description, address and date and time of task and assign the task to any agent nearest to the task location. The agent assigned receives a notification in Tracko agent app and can see task details and location of the task on map. He can also navigate to the task location using directions on Google maps. Multiple tasks can also be added by uploading task excel.

10. When am I charged for tasks?

You get 300 free tasks which you can assign to any number of agents. After that you will have to buy tasks from plans as per your needs. You are charged when ever any task is assigned to any agent which is calculated as 1 task and is deducted from your plan. For e.g. if you have 500 tasks and you assign 1 task to any agent then tasks remaining will be 499. When remaining tasks are zero you will have to buy more tasks from the plans available.

11. Can the tasks be assigned automatically as per locations of the tasks and agents?

Yes you can assign tasks automatically. You just have to go to settings page and click on the automatically assign tasks setting. You can also choose the number of tasks you want to assign to your agents per day e.g 5, 7 or 10. The tasks will start automatically being assigned to agents nearest to the tasks location.

12. Can my customers see the location of the agents as per the task location?

Yes your customers can see the locations of your delivery agents by simply integrating our api's in your customer application. As soon as any task is generated with that customer's credentials they will receive a notification in their customer app and can start tracking their tasks and the location of the delivery agent coming to that location.